Mobily elife account number

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Mobily elife account number

I subscribed for a two-year internet plan e-Life with etisalat and was told that if I were to transfer the ownership, I would only have to pay Dh for transferring. Two months later, I moved out of my accommodation and transferred the internet plan to one of my friends. The etisalat representative helped me with that and mentioned several times that I only need to pay Dh for transferring and told me about the monthly bill, which was Dh A month later, etisalat sent me a bill of Dh1, for the cancellation charges!

This is unacceptable as they seem to be charging me any amount they want. I called to complain about it but they say they were unable to process it because the account had already been transferred on August I went to the business centre to complain about it and they mentioned they had already submitted the complaint, and I would receive an SMS on my mobile number with the complaint reference details.

They attempted to refund me by requesting that I visit their Deira business centre. I believe that they are not being sincere in giving back the refund. On top of that, it has been such a hassle and waste of money, every time I visit their business centre, as I have to take a taxi and it costs me around Dh to and fro. I sincerely hope that they will be honest with the refund and provide an alternative, such as transferring or refunding directly back to my account without me having to visit their business centre again.

Thank you so much for assisting. Process initiation: September Response from organisation: September Reader confirmation: October You can write to us at readers gulfnews. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without.

By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wednesday, February 17, India Pakistan Pinoy. All Sections. Cancellation charges applied I subscribed for a two-year internet plan e-Life with etisalat and was told that if I were to transfer the ownership, I would only have to pay Dh for transferring. The bills are due on September Please get etisalat to refund my money.

Coronavirus could change into mild annoyance. Latest In.The COVID pandemic is a harsh reminder of the fact that, whether in a single human host or a wave of infection across continents, viral dynamics is often a story about the numbers.

In this article we provide a one-stop, curated graphical source for the key numbers based mostly on the peer-reviewed literature about the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is responsible for the pandemic. The discussion is framed around two broad themes: i the biology of the virus itself; ii the characteristics of the infection of a single human host.

The COVID pandemic has made brutally clear the need for further research into many aspects of viruses. We also discuss a number of questions about the virus, and perform 'back-of-the-envelope' calculations to show the insights that can be gained from knowing some key numbers and using quantitative reasoning. It is important to note that much uncertainty remains, and while 'back-of-the-envelope' calculations can improve our intuition through sanity checks, they cannot replace detailed epidemiological analysis.

Graphic showing what we know about the basic properties of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, such as its size and genome, and about how it interacts with the body. These topics are discussed further in the text, which also includes sources for all the values listed. This article will be updated as new data become available, and the latest version is available at: bit. If everybody continued to behave as usual, how long would it take the pandemic to spread from one person to a million infected victims?

The basic reproduction number, R 0suggests each infection directly generates 2—4 more infections in the absence of countermeasures like physical distancing. Once a person is infected, it takes a period of time known as the 'latent period' before they are able to transmit the virus. The exact durations vary among people, and some are infectious for much longer.

Even though this calculation is highly simplified, ignoring the effects of 'super-spreaders', herd-immunity and incomplete testing, it emphasizes the fact that viruses can spread at a bewildering pace when no countermeasures are taken.

This illustrates why it is crucial to limit the spread of the virus by physical distancing measures. For fuller discussion of the meaning of R 0the latent and infectious periods, as well as various caveats, see the section on 'Definitions and measurement methods' below. A highly simplified quantitative example helps clarify the need for physical distancing. Suppose that you are infected and you encounter 50 people over the course of a day of working, commuting, socializing and running errands.

If you are infectious for 4 days, then you will infect four others on average, which is on the high end of the R 0 values for SARS-CoV-2 in the absence of physical distancing. If you instead see five people each day preferably fewer because of physical distancing, then you will infect 0.

Mobily KSA USSD Codes to Recharge, Check Balance, Emergency Credit

An effective reproduction number R e smaller than one will ensure the number of infections eventually dwindles. The period of time from infection to symptoms is termed the incubation period. Yet there is much person-to-person variation. Importantly, this analysis neglects infected people who never show symptoms.

Since asymptomatic people are not usually tested, it is still not clear how many such cases there are or how long asymptomatic people remain infectious for. How so? Viruses are often transmitted through respiratory droplets produced by coughing and sneezing. Small droplets can evaporate into 'droplet nuclei', remain suspended in air for significant periods of time and could be inhaled. Some viruses, such as measles, can be transmitted by droplet nuclei Tellier et al.

Larger droplets are also known to transmit viruses, usually by settling onto surfaces that are touched and transported by hands onto mucosal membranes such as the eyes, nose and mouth CDC, At present, it is unclear whether surfaces or air are the dominant mode of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, but N95 masks should provide some protection against both Jefferson et al.

The flu is caused by an entirely different family of RNA viruses called influenza viruses. The 'common cold' is caused by a variety of viruses, including some coronaviruses and rhinoviruses. Cold-causing coronaviruses e. These large genomes led researchers to suspect the presence of a 'proofreading mechanism' to reduce the mutation rate and stabilize the genome.Read article.

Research Article Updated Feb 12, Ion channels and a model of epileptic encephalopathy. Research Article Feb 5, How magnesium enhances long-term memory in flies. Research Article Updated Jan 28, All research categories.

Latest research Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics The cotranslational membrane integration of three multispanning Escherichia coli inner membrane proteins is followed using force profile analysis, uncovering unexpected complexities in the membrane integration process. Developmental Biology Neuroscience Motor exit point MEP glia utilize mechanisms most commonly attributed to neural crest cells for their development from spinal cord precursors.

Immunology and Inflammation Altered lymphocyte dynamics after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation cannot solely be explained by low lymphocyte numbers.

Mobily eLife FTTH Setup,Port Forwarding,DynDNS- إعدادات موبايلي اي لايف الياف بصرية

Cancer Biology Definition of leukemia gene expression mechanisms reveals general principles of cancer gene control and offers a pharmacologic strategy for its therapeutic reprogramming. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Ligands with different efficacy profiles shift the free energy landscape of the beta2 adrenergic receptor activation and stabilize diverse active-like states via the switch of microswitches lining an allosteric pathway.

Evolutionary Biology A series of selective events, each improving fitness relative to an immediate predecessor, can result in organisms that are less fit compared to a distant ancestor. Developmental Biology Single-cell dissection of recent neural crest derivatives in the vertebrate zebrafish reveals diverse transcriptomic signatures among differentiating posterior cell types during the embryonic to larval stage transition.

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Evolutionary Biology. Cell Biology. Immunology and Inflammation Microbiology and Infectious Disease Patients with paucigranulocytic asthma may be more susceptible to severe influenza and could potentially be source of new, more virulent, influenza virus variants.

Load more. New from eLife. Magazine Evolutionary Biology.The amylase gene AMYwhich codes for a starch-digesting enzyme in animals, underwent several gene copy number gains in humans Perry et al.

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Here, we present comprehensive evidence for AMY copy number expansions that independently occurred in several mammalian species which consume diets rich in starch. We also provide correlative evidence that AMY gene duplications may be an essential first step for amylase to be expressed in saliva. Our findings underscore the overall importance of gene copy number amplification as a flexible and fast evolutionary mechanism that can independently occur in different branches of the phylogeny.

Many mammals can digest starch by using an enzyme called amylase, but different species eat different amounts of starchy foods. Amylase is released by the pancreas, and in certain species such as humans, it is also created by the glands that produce saliva, allowing the enzyme to be present in the mouth.

There, amylase can start to break down starch, releasing a sweet taste that helps the animal to detect starchy foods. Curiously, humans have multiple copies of the gene that codes for the enzyme, but the exact number varies between people. Previous research has found that populations with more copies also eat more starch; if this correlation also existed in other species, it could help to understand how diets influence and shape genetic information.

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In addition, it is unclear how amylase came to be present in saliva, as the ancestors of mammals only produced the protein in the pancreas. Pajic et al. In fact, unrelated mammals living in different habitats and eating different types of food have similar numbers of amylase gene copies if they have the same level of starch in their diet. In addition, Pajic et al. In each of these species, a mechanism called gene duplication independently created new copies of the amylase gene.

This could represent the first step towards some of these copies becoming active in the glands that release saliva. In people, having fewer copies of the amylase gene could mean they have a higher risk for diabetes; this number is also tied to the composition of the collection of bacteria that live in the mouth and the gut. Understanding how the copy number of the amylase gene affects biology will help to grasp how it also affects health and wellbeing, in humans and in our four-legged companions.

Diet has been a significant adaptive force in shaping human and nonhuman primate variation Hardy et al. One of the best-described examples of diet-related adaptation is the expansion of the copy number of the amylase gene in concordance with the increase of starch consumption in the human lineage Perry et al. Then, a subsequent gene duplication in the ancestor of great apes led to the formation of AMY1 which gained salivary gland-specific expression Meisler and Ting, In the human lineage, further gene copy number gains of AMY1 led to increased expression of the AMY1 enzyme in human saliva Perry et al.

While the evolution of the amylase locus in the human lineage is well described, its evolution in other mammals is less well understood. Some studies have produced intriguing findings. For example, it was shown that mice, rats, and pigs express substantial levels of amylase in their saliva Boehlke et al.

However, a comprehensive analysis of the evolutionary dynamics shaping the amylase locus across mammals is missing.

mobily elife account number

Within this context, one interesting question is how amylase has evolved in animals who live in a commensal relationship with humans. Recent studies, for instance, have shown that dogs gained multiple copies of the amylase gene after their split from the wolf 30,—40, years ago Skoglund et al.

This might likely be a result of their domestication, which exposed them to human food leftovers rich in starch Axelsson et al. Thus, the evolution of amylase in other domesticated or human commensal mammals remains an alluring area of inquiry.

Similarly, our understanding of the evolution of the amylase locus within the primate lineage remains limited. For instance, it is not known why some Old World monkeys have substantial amylase enzymatic activity in their saliva, despite missing the amylase duplication found in great apes Janiak, Here, we address three areas of inquiry with regard to the evolution of the amylase locus in mammals: i Can the link between diet and amylase evolution, suggested in the human lineage, be generalized to other mammals?

To answer these questions, we pursued a comprehensive investigation of amylase gene copy numbers and salivary expression across multiple mammalian lineages.

The human lineage-specific amylase gene duplications were initially thought to represent a unique case of evolutionary adaptation to increased starch consumption in humans Perry et al. Up to five more haploid copies of the amylase gene can be found in humans than in chimpanzees. Therefore, the recent revelation that a similar increase in amylase gene copy number occurred in dogs Axelsson et al.

Copy number variation was also noted in pigs Paudel et al. To comprehensively investigate amylase gene copy number gains in other mammalian lineages, we conducted a digital droplet polymerase chain reaction ddPCR -based analysis of amylase gene copy numbers from DNA samples across 46 species encompassing all major branches of the mammalian phylogeny.

In addition to humans and dogs, we discovered similar bursts i. We hypothesized that the elevated gene copy numbers observed in different branches of the mammalian phylogeny Figure 1 result from independent duplication events.Submit Complaint. Comments 1 2 Next. I'D Mobile Would like to inform u about d problem w no WiFi connection in this account Hoping to mke an action on this request as soon as possible. Id Follow up my complain of Mobily elite fiber obtic same thing no connections for almost 4days now Do action immediately.

Service Accnt. Number for eLife is May I followup our WiFi connection not yet fix its been a week now no connections Your responsibility to do this customer request immediately Contact YesterdayI called many times your customer service Agent till 1am but all the time line was saying we will shortly come back to you which never happened after passing 50 minutes!! On the other hand, when I enter the passwordMy Mobile or Laptop systems signal Authentication error while I am sure my passeord is correct.

What can I do? Please advise. I am calling help desk every day since that day, every day they promiss to sped up and dispatch some one to check. A friend got a problem with STC fiber connection, also cable damaged, next morning they got 1 team and fixed it. Too bad i got dame probs sadik.Our premium plan with: Unlimited usage.

No restrictions. Mobile Home 5G. Postpaid Plans. Postpaid Postpaid eSIM Postpaid Recommended. Prepaid Plans. Prepaid Prepaid Recommended. RAQI Package. Data Postpaid Plans.

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Postpaid GB. Postpaid Unlimited. Data Prepaid Plans. Prepaid 10GB. Prepaid 20GB. Prepaid 50GB. Prepaid GB. Data Bundles. Neqaty Program. Neqaty Partners. Services and Add Ons. Roaming and International. Direct Carrier Billing Services.

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Social Media Bundles. Special Services.Southampton will take confidence from the fact that Arsenal have the worst away record of all the teams currently in the top nine.

mobily elife account number

Shkodran Mustafi has been ruled out for Sunday. He has a slight chance of returning for the West Ham match three days later. Wenger played with a back four for this first time this season in midweek, but Per Mertesacker is expected to partner Nacho Monreal and Laurent Koscielny in a back three against the Saints. Theo Walcott and Calum Chambers are both available to face their former club, although their involvement in midweek makes appearance on Sunday less likely.

Bet on Southampton vs Arsenal with Bet365All odds mentioned in this article are correct at the time of publishing (Thursday, December 7, 2017, 11:00 UK) and are subject to change. West Ham United are without a win in their last eight league games, David Moyes has overseen three defeats in his four games in charge and are now 19th in the table. The Hammers have netted in defeats against Man City (2-1), Liverpool (1-4) and Spurs (2-3).

mobily elife account number

Chelsea to win and Both Teams To Score. The Gunners have won three of their last four league matches and have won two of their last three on the road at Burnley (0-1) and Everton (2-5). Southampton have lost three of their last five league games and continue to underwhelm under Mauricio Pellegrino.

Everton have won three of their last five league games and are now 10th in the league under new boss Sam Allardyce.

However, the Toffees remain a woeful side on the road and are without a league win in their last 15 away games.

The Reds are unbeaten in their last 13 games at Anfield in all comps and are unbeaten in their last 13 league matches against Everton. Liverpool to continue their push for the top four with a win against rivals Everton at Anfield. If you're looking to place a football accumulator, you'll definitely want to download the Football Coupon betting app in partnership with the Telegraph. You can check the best odds, sign up offers and get all of the latest tips in one simple-to-use app that can be accessed from the palm of your hand.

mobily elife account number

Commercial content notice: taking up one of these offers may result in a payment to The Telegraph. Suggested bets provided by Weekend Football. Premier League acca If you're looking to place a football accumulator, you'll definitely want to download the Football Coupon betting app in partnership with the Telegraph.

This site is only for the cricket lovers and just only for entertainment. We are just trying to give you suggestion and Match winner tips in this website. In this website we share our opinion for the cricket lovers just for fun. Today SRI LANKA TOUR OF INDIA, 2017 1st ODI match play between India vs Sri Lanka at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala.

Join our service for get online cricket betting tips, International ODI Betting tips and ODI Match Prediction. While Rohit and Shikhar are sure to open, The rest of team almost picks itself with the availability of a full strength bowling lineup. Sri Lanka will also be happy to welcome back Asela Gunaratne in the team. Upul Tharanga may not be the skipper anymore but he has just had an excellent Bangladesh Premier League 2017, Even Thisara Perera and couple of other Sri Lankan batsmen have had some good match practice playing in the BPLHimachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium at DharamsalaIndia Players- Rohit Sharma (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Dinesh Karthik, Kuldeep Yadav, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal.

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Sri Lanka Players- Upul Tharanga, Danushka Gunathilaka, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Angelo Mathews, Niroshan Dickwella (wk), Asela Gunaratne, Thisara Perera (c), Chathuranga de Silva, Akila Dhananjaya, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Pradeep.

For more free cricket betting tips and Sri Lanka vs India Match Prediction, you can follow our social pages. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Flickr and TELEGRAMOur Report Comilla Victorians vs Sylhet Sixers 42nd T20 Match Full Report PassAnd Our BPL Accuracy Going Almost High So Friends Paise Kamane ka Moka Hai Series Bhi Acche aa Rhe hai,Big Bash T20 Me Aapko Hum Btayege Profit Kaise Krna Hota Hai.

Big Bash T20 India Me Full Live Millega.



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